Working in a Japanese Company can be difficult for foreigners especially if they don’t speak nor understand the Japanese language.

When I studied my Masters course in an English speaking university in Japan, I didn’t have to look outside of the classroom for guidance, but after graduating and moving to my Internship Company, I found myself struggling to fit in. Even though the Company promoted conversations in English, still there was a gap. The Japanese staff could express a message clearly only when it’s said in Japanese.

Besides my academic qualifications I felt less fit. This gave me the desire to study Japanese. I started testing the Goocus JLPT App. I realized that there’s always room to grow in both vocabulary and confidence when learning a new language.

It’s somewhat easy now, I can read and speak much more than before. Much of this progress is owed to the Goocus JLPT App that allows me to study grammar and reading, while also expanding my vocabulary with real world office environment.

Goocus App exposes you to audio and text simultaneously as you study. If you want to start studying Japanese but don’t know the hiragana or katakana characters yet, it’s not an issue. Goocus App has a course to teach you and from there you can start the core lesson series. Each series will walk you through some steps, all building on what was previously introduced.

The length of the lessons can be customized and if a series isn’t challenging enough you’re free to jump around and change what you’re currently studying. Goocus App is all about organization and giving you access to various metrics that reflect your overall progress.

The lessons are divided into the five Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) vocabulary levels.
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