Turn your language studies into a career development.

TRY! JLPT Mobile is an online learning platform optimized for your preparation to the JLPT test.

The learning experience is provided by Goocus, a tool developed independently by Castalia Inc. It offers an ideal learning method  for companies,
seminar providers or educational institutions aiming to prepare their students to the JLPT test.


High quality Japanese studying materials

TRY! JLPT Mobile promotes a unique experience for self studying, delivering effective ways for a career development. The content is provided by TRY! from Ask Publishing, an already recognized serie of books focused on the preparation for the JLPT test.



Powerful managing features

With a clear and assertive interface, the Learning Management System allows group managers to easily check the progress and development path of individual students or study groups.



Learning features for an efficient learning

TRY! JLPT Mobile fits your lifestyle. It can be used across any device at any moment and anywhere. With multimedia features such as videos, audio, interactive quizzes and review lists, it helps you  fully assimilate the content and learn effectively.



3 Unique Features of Goocus

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6 different courses for every level of study

A total of 6 courses are included covering the Japanese Language Placement Test levels N1 to N5 and a course for complete beginners. This allows learners to choose the best course for their respective level.


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Content based on years of Japanese language teaching methodology

The books’ authors are language professionals with years of experience teaching the Japanese language. This know-how was wrapped up on grammar contents that are easy to understand covering reading, comprehension and listening tests.

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Japanese from daily life examples

Examples and exercises are based on everyday situations, in this way the learning of grammar becomes more practical and easy to assimilate.



Service Providers

TRY! JLPT Mobile uses content from the TRY! JLPT series by Ask Publishing displayed through Goocus, an online learning tool developed by Castalia Inc. Our website will soon be available also in Chinese, Vietnamese and Portuguese.



Castalia Co., Ltd.
Castalia is a tech company specialized on the development of digital products for the education industry. It provides solutions that use technology as a driver for a dynamic and contemporary way of learning.





Ask Publishing Co., Ltd. 
Ask Publishing first started as a publisher of studying guides and material for tests such as JLPT, TOEIC, EIKEN, CHUKEN, HSK and TOPIK, but now expanded towards various types of learning materials focused on language learning for daily use and business purposes.




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