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Agreement terms relating to personal information security

Company name
  Castalia Co., Ltd.
Personal information management
  Title: Head of Management Department
  Department: Castalia Co., Ltd.  Management Department
  Contact: Phone - 03(3451)5131
Purpose of use of personal information
  Personal information may be used in inquiries done by Goocus.
Third-party usage of personal information
  As part of our company policy, we do not share personal information with third-parties without the user’s consent. However, personal information may be provided to other companies that use Goocus to resolve customer issues, but only with the user’s permission.
Outsourcing of personal information
 We do not our source users’ personal information.
Arbitrary property
  It is up to users to decide what personal information to provide, but without the necessary information, we may be unable to provide assistance in the event of a question or inquiry, so please fill out the correct necessary information in advance.
Collecting personal information without users’ consent or knowledge
  We do not collect personal information without users’ consent or knowledge.
Contacting us
  For requests for information disclosure, please contact the personal information division.

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